Google Pixel 3 - Sights of Sound — Phone Trialing Experience

︎ Fall 2018: LA, SF, AUS, MIA, ATL

Combining the worlds of music and the latest mobile phones, Sights of Sound expanded on what a phone trialing experience can be. Guests were given a Pixel 3 XL to trial through the experience and use it’s Google Lens to “unlock” room after room based around artists Future, J Balvin, Marshmello, and Ella Mai. 

Working in conjuction with Left Field Labs and Sparks I developed an automated system to combine the ease of use of snapping a photo and the magic of receiving an email with all of your photos from a phone you demoed for 10 minutes.  The activation ran in 5 cities across California and the South.

Agency: Optimist Inc, Sparks, Left Field Labs